“HI, tell me everything”

Today, we are announcing a new feature of Fairdrop, that we nicknamed “Honest inbox”. We see it as a radical honesty approach that doesn’t necessarily ruin relationships.

For those who just joined in, Fairdrop.xyz is a free, decentralised, private and secure file transfer zero-data dapp. It is based entirely on Fair Data Society principles and runs on Swarm, decentralised storage. For more info about Fairdrop, check out this blog post.

Blow the whistle

Receive honest feedback into your honest inbox

Honest inbox, wtf? What does this really mean? If we describe it as a feature, it means that every Fairdrop user can also have auto-generated personalised URL, where files can be dropped for that user e.g. drop us a file at fairdrop.xyz/datafund

In terms of usability, the fastest explanation will be through a couple of user stories:

  • A journalist provides their address to their informants which can send the files without being linked back to them

  • A CEO shares honest inbox address with their employees in order to receive anonymous and honest feedback

  • A traveler doesn’t want to give out their email address but shows just a QR code where files can be dropped for him

  • Organisations can setup their honest inbox to receive feedback

  • Introduce radical honesty into personal relationships without ruining the relationship — friends can tell you things you need to hear without stress.

Honest inbox is where you can receive files without surveillance, censorship or meta trails because the sender stays anonymous

With honest inbox, we are filling the gap in Fairdrop’s user scenarios, enabling anybody — individuals, organisation, journalists — to easily setup (or self-host) their site for anonymously receiving files or feedback. Honest inbox is democratising whistleblowing and bringing it to everybody.

Scenarios covered by Fairdrop now are:

  1. Quick send — drop a file, click upload and get back a link for sharing. No account needed.
  2. Honest inbox — visit custom link e.g. fairdrop.xyz/john, drop a file and click upload. No account needed for the sender. The file is encrypted with the recipient’s public key.
  3. 1–1 Encrypted send — both, sender and receives need an account while exchanged data is encrypted with a shared secret

Do you dare to have an honest inbox?

Go ahead, register your inbox at Fairdop.xyz and claim your name while it is still available.

Blow the whistle

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